4-5 Axis Milling

MDI’s 5-axis Haas Milling Machines enable us to produce complex shapes and achieve excellent finishes.  The milling machines are equipped with probing and tool sensing units. The probing units enable better accuracy and faster set up times. We have multiples of both 4 and 5-axis mills so we are able to meet every customer’s exact needs.  Our extensive milling machine shop produces the highest quality orthopedic implants and medical devices on the market today.

The Benefits of 5-axis Milling Are Vast

Not only do these machines require less fixture preparation, but the workpieces can also be completed on the 5-axis milling machine alone. This allows for greater accuracy when finishing components. Our milling machines also use shorter cutting tools, which produces higher cutting speeds and fewer tool vibrations. These factors allow us the ability to achieve incredible surface finishes and higher precision, improving the overall part quality. Get in touch with MDI today for a quotation for your project or launch!