Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining)

man working on Wire EDM or an Electrical Discharge MachineWire EDMs (electrical discharge machines) are employed to cut very intricate shapes and precise forms from hard metals. Our FANUC machines are capable of cutting slots as small as .0070” wide and internal radii as small as .0035”. It is also used for producing extremely smooth finishes up to 13 RMS.

Electrical Discharge Machine Process FAQ

The EDM process does not induce mechanical stress into the metal as it cuts, because rather than shearing the metal away from the workpiece, the wire EDM uses electrical discharges to erode or “melt” the metal away.

MDI also uses wire EDM machines to design and cut fixturing for use in simultaneous multi-part production. Get in touch with MDI today for a quotation for your project or launch!